Bruce Tanner photographer


Animal Books

Books where I am the only or main photographer


Crocodiles and Alligators of the World ISBN 0-7137-2145-6 and ISBN 0-7137-2382-3

Wild Cats of the World ISBN 0-7137-2306-8 and ISBN 0-7137-2752-7

Foxes, Wolves and Wild Dogs of the World ISBN 0-7137-2352-1 and ISBN 0-7137-2753-5

Rodents of the World ISBN 0-7137-2506-0 and ISBN 0-7137-2789-6

Hounds of the World ISBN 0-85310-912-6

Collins Family Pet Guide: Guinea Pig ISBN 0-00-423388-9

Collins Family Pet Guide: Hamster ISBN 0-00-712282-9

The Tiger Inside ISBN 0-87605-611-7

The Wolf Within ISBN 0-87605-612-5

Cat Care ISBN 1-904594-02-6

The Ideal Puppy ISBN 0-00-413381-1

Cat Behaviour ISBN 1-84273-241-2

Looking after my pet Hamster ISBN 0-7548-1088-7


Many of the pictures from these books are available as stock images from Alamy.