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Fuck the Wall

Fuck the Wall, February 1990, was shot after the first breaches in the Berlin wall and while the GDR still governed. A time of confusion and expectation about what would happen next.


Black footed cat

Beasts has images from the books on Wild Animals that I have photographed. Many of these images are also on picture libraries.


Gaza protest London

Recently... This selection of pictures varies and has no particular theme. It is simply work I have shot recently.


Gyaros Political Prison

Suspect Area was shot in the ruins of Gyaros Political Prison in the Cyclades group of islands, Greece. Panoramic analogue shots.


Dogs in Wigs

Dogs in Wigs, anthropomorphism, alienation, loss, depression and resignation, shot in 2007. Text is in English and Russian.


Hounds (of the world)

Hounds, the oldest group of domesticated dogs from a book I shot which was published in 2000.


Paldiski Doll

Paldiski, on the Pakri Peninsula, Estonia was a submarine base and a closed town during Soviet times. These pictures were taken over a few visits.



Tallinn, a UNESCO World Heritage site; shot in Linnahall, Kesklinn, Tallinna Lennujaam, Keskturg, Väike-Õismä, Lasnamäe, Kopli, Ülemiste and Telliskivi.


Brexit Monstrosity

Brexit Monstrosity and reactions to it as it toured the streets of the city of London. Shot from the cab of the truck carrying it.


Benjamin Zephaniah

Archived... This selection of pictures varies. It is shots from my achives which may, or may not, connect to current events.


SODEM Protest

Brexit protest during the years after the referendum for the UK to leave the EU, there have been many protests, firstly to stop Brexit and now to rejoin the EU. This is a selection from my large archive.


No 10 Vigil

No 10 Vigil, set up in 2017, the vigil performed loudly and regularly opposite Downing Street (and elsewhere). One of the most creative and consistently active groups.