Bruce Tanner photographer


Over sixties 'keep fit' class - 2002.



Photography education in all it's forms, has been central to me all the way through my freelance career. What I learn, I like to pass on.

I have worked in colleges, schools and community projects, mainly in London, but also in Paris (France), Syros (Greece) and Tallinn (Estonia).

I enjoy an educational challenge and developed and taught a course at the Royal Albert Hall in London, taking students with little formal education through to being confident gig photographers. This resulted in an exhibition seen by many thousands.

From leading full time professional courses (up to HNC) through to simple one-day workshops, I have covered everything from basic camera skills through to advanced darkroom masterclasses (with contextual studies, studio work and professional practice somewhere in the middle).

As well as in-person teaching, I have also developed courses and materials for E-Learning (even before COVID), and can deliver either to groups and individuals.

Because of my love of analogue photography, I developed the F-Stop Printing Calculator, an app for darkroom workers, and made it free. It has been downloaded across the world. I have also designed and overseen the construction of a number of darkrooms following the resurgence of analogue photography in the last decade.

I am just as happy working with digital media, which is what I mainly use myself, and the need now for photographers to widen their engagement across new media as well as developing post production skills.

How photography fits into the world contextually and politically through the last 150 years or so, is part of my teaching within specialist masterclasses or more broadly.

I have a PGCE from London Metropolitan University.

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