Bruce Tanner photographer

No 10 Vigil



With "No Brexit on our watch" as the tag line, the No 10 Vigil protested from February 2017 on Whitehall, right opposite Downing Street. The group was there as often as three evenings a week as well as touring other locations and festivals to deliver an Anti-Brexit message using music, dance, poetry and stunts. There were even boat trips along the Thames. Performers included FauxBojo (Drew Galdron), Granny Remain, Jo Bell, EU Elvis, Peter Cook and Madeleina Kay as well as many other singers and performers with a constant refreshing of themes, but always loud! Politicians and campaigners joined for special events.

This small selection is part of a huge archive of images of this group and it's members as well as other similar anti-brexit groups. Contact me for more information, particularly if you need images to campaign with.